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We are an association of individuals interested in the caddy spoon as an area of collecting.

The Society was founded in 1963, and has an international membership.

Our aim is to promote the study and collection of caddy spoons of all types.

The Eagle’s Wing Emblem

The Emblem of the Society is a representation of one of the most famous Caddy Spoons – the highly collectable ‘Eagle’s Wing’, first made by Joseph Willmore in 1814. (Later versions, notably by Matthew Linwood a few years later, are also to be found, and are of similar value to collectors.)  Another maker was George Unite in the 1860s. The ‘wing’ is the bowl, formed of highly detailed, individually modeled overlapping feathers; the head of the eagle, also beautifully modelled, forms the handle. The two pieces were struck separately in these early pieces, and then the handle skilfully soldered to the bowl, with a virtually undetectable join. There is also a cast silver London-Assayed 19th Century Eagles Wing, by Barnabus Blackburn. It is the only known example of a London-assayed Eagle’s Wing, and is in a London Museum.
The Willmore and Linwood versions are not as scarce as was thought 20 to 30 years ago.
Prices for these period Eagles Wings have fallen in the past few years from their 2004 high.

Modern cast, versions of this spoon occasionally come up for sale, and fetch relatively high prices. New collectors, realising the likelihood of finding an early example to be slim, settle for the modern spoon, hoping to replace them later in their collecting career.

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Eagle’s Wing, Joseph Willmore,
Birmingham 1824

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