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Illustrated Journal

Each year the Society publishes a informative full colour Journal which covers not only the activities of the previous 12 months but also includes many illustrations of new and unusual caddy spoons acquired by members. There may be interviews with designers, profiles of members and a variety of articles about collecting. This quality full colour publication is sent free to every member.  Please note: this publication is NOT available to non-Members, for our newer members they may purchase back numbers from the treasurer, by clicking the contact details.

Back copies of the Journal

Members are be able to purchase issues dating back to the start of publication (as the Society Newsletter) 60 years ago. Over the years these publications offer an invaluable resource and repository of knowledge.  New and established collectors and researchers alike find them of great practical help.  Again, this facility is available to fully paid-up Members ONLY.  There is also an index of all the articles published in the Newsletters/Journals over the years. The practice of members selling their Journals at Auctions is frowned upon because it is possibly putting vital details in the hands of potential criminals as to the whereabouts of some valuable and rare Caddy Spoons.

Social Events

Members meet regularly at social events, where we share friendship, enthusiasm and information about spoons acquired.  Photographs and detailed descriptions of spoons brought to the meetings are included in the Journal, for all Members to see. The committee organises at least two outings for members each year.

In the past these visits have included Assay Offices, curated tours of famous museum collections and exhibitions by modern silversmiths. Sometimes the venue allows the opportunity for members to bring along and display new acquisitions. The Society also holds an annual lunch, which has been attended by overseas members.  

Purchase Scheme

The Purchase Scheme is another EXCLUSIVE service, one of the most beneficial aspects of Membership.  Members can sell their spoons through the Society, for a nominal fee and in full confidence. Values and accurate descriptions of spoons for sale are agreed in advance with the Purchase Scheme Secretary, and photographs taken. Spoons will then be advertised in the bulletin. Spoons for sale, together with prices, can be seen by paid up members.  Only Members will then have an opportunity to buy, on a first-come first-served basis.  A small administration fee is paid to the Society. This is a simple and convenient way of refining and updating collections, without paying hefty auction fees or dealing on-line with 'persons unknown'.    Instead, the Society charges a fixed fee, not a percentage, to cover admin costs.  Surpluses go into the Society's funds, to keep costs to Membership down.

Opportunities for Research

The Society is rightly regarded as a centre of specialist knowledge. One of its founder members was John Norrie, who wrote the definitive reference book on caddy spoons.  From the outset, the founders stated that the Society "did not seek to be profound."  But sharing knowledge, and increasing our expertise, is important. Currently about 15 per cent of members communicate with each other as part of an informal research group.

In addition, a complete Index of Contents of the Newsletter (now the Journal) dating from 1963 is available to all members. The Index lists makers, contributors, lectures, features and book reviews and is proving an invaluable research tool.

Stylised Eagle’s Wing, Garrard & Co Ltd, London 1967

Other Society Publications

To mark its Exhibition at the N.E.C Birmingham, Antiques Fair in 2015 the Society published "The Story of the Caddy Spoon 1775 to 2015". This 100 page catalogue is now on sale via this Website, at a cost of £5 plus postage and packing.  If you would like a copy please contact us via the enquiry facility on this site.

Limited numbers of another Society publication, "The Caddy Spoon in the 20th Century" are also still available, 36 pages of A5 size with 155 full colour illustrations. Cost £5 plus postage.

New Caddy Spoon Book will be published 2024.

A new book on Caddy Spoons is in the process of publication. It illustrates 1000 plus spoons. It was written by a member and the Society will have a limited number of these books to sell. If you would like a copy please contact us and get your name and details recorded. You will then be contacted when full details, price and postage costs are known.

Exclusive Commissioned Designs.

From time to time the Society commissions spoons from leading designers which may be purchased exclusively by members.  Silversmiths who have designed spoons for us include Gerald Benney and Malcolm Appleby.  Over the years, these have appreciated significantly. 
In 2023 to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of the Society, a spoon was commissioned from Zoe Watts and is only available to members at a cost of £350 plus postage.



As well as the annual Journal, the Committee also sends out quarterly bulletins, detailing Society activities, forthcoming meetings, news of new designers and other items of interest.  These are available by email only so do not add to our costs.


The website continues to serve its original purpose in generating interest in our hobby and attracting new members. It will be updated with Society news and the Gallery display of spoons changed to ensure continuing interest. Please do continue to visit the site – Bookmark it, add it to your Favourites list and maybe even diary it for a regular check! Whether you are an established collector or new to the field, we very much look forward to hearing from you – use the Contact Us button to email us - in complete privacy - for more details about membership.

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